Help with NppFTP

  • I am a complete novice at this. I am bridging the gap between a retired webmaster and a new one (when we find that person). I downloaded Notepad++ and extracted NppFTP into the plug in folder. It is not showing up in the drop down menu. What do I need to do to install it correctly? When I try to reinstall, the files are already there… Thanks!

  • The steps you described should be sufficient, so something else must be going on.

    First, the “is your computer plugged in” equivalent in this case: did you close and re-run notepad++ after installing the plugin’s DLL? Notepad++ loads plugins only when it is first started.

    For further debug:

    Could you give us the output of the Debug Info Window? Hit the ? menu (to the right of the Window menu), choose Debug Info…, click Copy debug info into clipboard, and paste it into your response (or better, paste it into a new Notepad++ tab, select all, hit TAB to indent the whole thing, then copy the indented version, and paste it in your response: that way, markdown will format it as fixed-pitch in the forum).

    Also, please give us the directory listing of your notepad++ install directory and notepad++\plugins directory (again, indented for legibility in the forum)

    Finally, a screenshot of your Plugins menu pulldown, so we can see which plugins seem to be actually active, compared to the debug info and directory listings above. HINT: I’ve found, for taking the screenshot of a Notepad++ Menu when pulled down, it’s easiest to click-and-hold ALT, then hit “P” to open the Plugins menu – while still holding ALT after letting go of the P – then hit PrintScreen key, and finally releasing ALT key after you’ve done all that. Once that’s done, run mspaint (WindowsKey+R mspaint), paste the image (Ctrl+V), save as .png, upload to a service like, copy the image URL (ends in .png – the “direct link”), and embed that image in your post using the syntax ![](FULL/URL.png).

  • See also As Peter wrote additional infos about the used versions would be helpful.

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