NppExec v0.6 alpha 1 has been realeased!

  • NppExec v0.6 alpha 1 has been realeased!
    (Initially I tried to use new lines and spaces to make this message look good, but it was reported as spam by :( )

    This time in 32-bit and in 64-bit.
    Main changes:

    • the version has been updated to 0.6;
    • see more in “NppExec.txt”.

    Thanks to all for your patience, and I’d like to dedicate this version to all users of NppExec.
    I can say that basically the people who were interested in NppExec and who cared how it worked were the main motivation for me to continue the development. Though the development itself would not be possible without my own interest in it.
    The main reason why the development took so long was the introduction of a new “layer” inside NppExec: the NppExecCommandExecutor. This one is now the “intermediary” between the UI and the internal script engine, and its responsibilities are avoiding UI deadlocks and allowing multi-threaded scripts execution. With its help, NppExec demonstrates new abilities such as queuing the commands and executing them collaterally (in parallel).
    Also NppExec v0.6 contains bug-fixes and improvements everywhere. In fact, the NppExec v0.6 alpha 1 is expected to be more stable than the NppExec v0.5.3, so it’s a recommended update. But it’s named “alpha” anyway because of a huge number of internal changes. And, if I’ve missed something obvious (though this version was passing intensive testing starting from November), I always could say: but what did you expect, it’s just an “alpha” version! :)

    The official announcement:

    Download links: Plugin v0.6 alpha 1/

    Some words about the collateral scripts in NppExec:

    Kind of dev diary:

    All the best,

  • The correct download link: Plugin v0.6 alpha 1/

    (The initial one became broken while I was fighting with the spam filter… And now it does not allow me to modify the initial message :( )

  • And here is some brief info about NppExec for new users:

    1. NppExec adds a Console window at the bottom of Notepad++'s window;
    2. This Console window allows to run different console programs directly in it;
    3. Also there is Plugins -> NppExec -> Execute… window that allows to execute NppExec’s scripts (set of commands).
      NppExec’s commands and variables are listed in the “NppExec.txt” file.
      To get more details, type “help” (without the quotes) directly in NppExec’s Console. To get a detailed help about any NppExec’s command, type “help <command>” - e.g. “help npp_open” or “help set”.
      And don’t forget about Plugins -> NppExec -> Help/Manual.

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan

    Vitaly, thank you very much for ongoing patience and development of this useful plugin.
    It actually was the first plugin I used and it helped me a lot, back in my vbs and perl days.

    Keep up your good working and best wishes to you


  • Thank you, Claudia!

  • Apart from this topic, there is an interesting paradox of internet communities. On the one hand, there are a lot of people here, who are real, - but, on the other hand, there is a small chance to meet at least some of them in real life and, more over, once a computer is switched off, all of them are kind of gone and you are alone near the black screen.
    Well, what did I want to say by that? I don’t know :)

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan

    Thank you very much for this useful plugin and continuing development! For me it is the most important Npp plugin.

    Keep up your work!

    Best wishes

  • Thanks!
    Have just uploaded a hotfix to this version. Those who already downloaded the previous one can compare the sources to find the difference in just one word :) And, actually, that error was there since the beginninmg of v0.5.9.9 dev!

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