Collapse Issue

  • I’m having an issue when I try to collapse a class in Java. It is not working as expected.

    I have the following class

    public class ClassificationAndApproversCalculation {
    Inside of this class there is 3000 lines more or less.

    When I try to collapse the class, it collapse at line 1500. This is not right. When I try with other editors Like Ultra Edit it works as expected collapsing the class at the real end of it (Line 3000).

    This issue has started 5 days ago, I couldn’t find any solution.

    Could anybody help with this issue?.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,


  • What does it see on 1500? I noticed that the language settings for finding collapsible sections is a bit odd sometimes. You may want to look for a commented out bracket on the line it ends on. I know its not much to go on but I have this issue when including multiple languages in one file.

  • I’ve seen this recently also… using .lua (built-in). Almost always it does line breaking correctly, but I’ve seen it a least twice now myself. I’ve also examined the code, but wasn’t sure what ‘might’ be causing it,so I was just looking for ‘something obvious?’ in the code, but… no, that wasn’t it. Whatever it is, it seems to be an exception that’s not being handled, as it is rare. I’ll try to remember to post the code next time, and bring it up, as mine was only about 10 to 15 lines… or so. It seems to me that anything in a comment should be ignored completely. Mine had comments, and they appeared to be ignored, no brackets though, except comment brackets --[[ ]]

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