Issue when trying to overwrite a closing brace on notepad++

  • I’m using notepad++, no plugins installed. Whenever I use a character such as (, [, or {, it auto-completes in red. When I reach the end of whatever I’m inputting, I just close it manually so it “overwrites” the auto-completed one.

    HOWEVER, it doesn’t overwrite the closing brace } if I’ve hit ENTER during the code. It just duplicates the closing brace so I’m left with }} at the end of whatever I have, so I have to manually delete one of them. Has anyone else experienced this, and do you have a solution? Thank you.

  • @CodeSteady

    at some point code must make some assumption but from what I understand you don’t need this function at all so
    why not disabling it? Settings->Preferences->Auto Completion uncheck the auto insert checkboxes.


  • It helps immensely when starting a block, and helps keep everything eye-friendly.

    The function works when using the opening and closing braces in a single line. It only bugs out when I press ENTER after creating the opening brace. I also tested it with parentheses and brackets, and the same issue happens only if I press ENTER :/

  • @CodeSteady

    sorry, haven’t check the code, but I assume, as you already found out, the “enter” triggers the closing part to become permanent.
    Maybe worth investigating whether there is language specific plugin which offers the functionality you are looking for.


  • @Claudia Frank
    yea i’m looking into workarounds, with no luck so far. I’m hoping a dev sees this, or I that I can contact one, to see what the issue is. Perhaps it’s just a bug

  • @CodeSteady said:

    do you have a solution?

    Instead of pressing } just press right-arrow (or End) to move beyond the auto-inserted closing brace? :-)

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