Please need help decode ai file

  • Hello, really annoying and almost put me off, but I need a category or contactus that does not require sign in,

    I guarantee alot more people will want to comment important things, anyway,

    I need notepad to be able to parse through all the languages it has on a single file rapidly when i press a button,

    it is annoying to have to click each one myself, i am trying to decode an ai file, and i need the language that
    does this,

    its called CreatureImpressTowns from blackandwhite, i need to figure out what its saying to determine something, anyway, here it is:

    tried to post file, but longer than 16384, please extend limit to 60000, or lookup file!

  • @Myme-651 - You dont want to sign in ? Pls note that basic protection is needed to counter spam.

    AI is a proprietary format.

    To read them - get a copy ( maybe trial / demo copy ) of Adobe Creative Suite or maybe Corel Draw.
    If the .ai file was saved with PDF compatibility, then some free viewers are Inkscape, Scribus, ideaMK’s Ai Viewer and sK1.
    The key here is that the AI file is saved with PDF compatibility.

    Other than the above , I dont think there is software out there that can successfully read .ai files fully.

  • @Myme 651 What is an “ai file” ? Where did you get it from ?

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