Need to uninstall 7.3.3 (32bit) but...

  • Originally I installed the 7.3.3 (x86 32bit version) on my x64 machine. But, I am having an issue that 7.5.3 x64 version will solve… I know I should have, but don’t know why I didn’t, install the x64 version to begin with… but anyway.

    I installed 7.5.3 (x64) to associate the files to the new version., as I could not locate the (x86) version to uninstall. However that didn’t quite work. I did point to and associate to the 7.5.3 version, confirmed that it was the right file to associate to, and was the x64 version by opening it, the notepad++.exe, and checked the version: it’s 7.5.3 (x64). But, after doing association, then opening the .txt file, the association is still to the 7.3.3 (x86) version. (same name? not same location?) Clueless I am…

    Basically, I’m thinking if I uninstall the (32 bit) version 7.3.3 (x86) version and maybe uninstall and reinstall 7.5.3 (x64) version, I can reassociate the files… Or start digging into the registry… I’d rather just do what I can to fix this. Now, where is that 7.3.3 (x86) hiding?

    In a nutshell, I can’t find a way to uninstall 7.3.3 (x86) version of Notepad ++ and then associate the .txt files to notepad++.exe (x64)

    Thank you… doing it right the first time would have helped, I’m sure… but, maybe it’s my age, or maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. Either way thanks ahead of time for any help in resolving this…


  • PS: Have found the location of the 7.3.3 (x86) version using regedit ; but, there is no uninstaller… may have run it directly… since this entry is in the registry (may just be an association) want to ensure I do a clean uninstall… not sure how to do this without uninstall, except maybe the hard way… which can be tricky getting all the entries using regedit. Is there another way?

    OK found a temporary workaround till I can fix… gets me up and running… I modified the location of the app association for the .lua files I needed to open in the 7.5.3 (x64) version…
    I’d still like to get that old 32bit version out if possible… any help? Would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

  • @Chip-Cooper
    you can try following steps:

    first uninstall 7.5.3 (x64) because we should get rid of both installs first

    then install 7.3.3 (x86) using the installer from here:
    this will bring back the np++ uninstaller for the x86 installation

    now uninstall 7.3.3 (x86) as usual in the windows control panel

    delete the x86 np++ directory that you have found before if it still exists

    then reinstall np++ 7.5.3 (x64) again

    this usually solves the issue you described.
    sometimes you still have to set some of the file associations again manually by right clicking on a file and selecting open with > np++ and then set it as default

  • Awesome, I will give that a go… no problem on resetting associations. I’ve only added a few…
    Thanks so much, I will leave a note on how that goes as soon as I get to it…

  • Yep, that did it. However, I had installed the original as a .bin and I probably have a bit of garbage in my registry. So, I did a little manual labor collecting garbage in the Dragon’s den. Wouldn’t surprise me if I left a couple pieces laying around; but, the Dragon probably won’t notice. ;-)
    So, after doing that, I’m now wrestling with whether I should leave a (x86) version on the machine while (x64) is still under development, perhaps not; although, it’s much further along than I expected with the x64 Plugin Manager, so woo hoo! The .lua plugin for (x64) is available too, so I couldn’t be happier… but I digress…
    Thanks a lot for your help… I appreciate it. Now, if I could only figure out how to remove those typo’s from my autocompletion dictionary, apparently lang.xml has chanced name, been upgraded or something as well… sure would be nice to have a clean editor for what ever it’s called, where-ever it’s stored… Now, if I could just find it, see how messy it looks, and perhaps how to make a plugin… I could do something about that. When it gets too irritating, maybe I’ll take a break from .lua and dig into the plugins for Notepad++ using Scintilla and learn about that! :-)
    Thanks again for your help!

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