Fit Image to Table Cell

  • Hello, I’m creating a HTML file with Notepad++. I’m trying to fit some images to their respective table cells so that they appear appropriately when I open the file via an internet browser. So I’m looking for a tool, or something that will automatically let me know the image size so that I can resize the table accordingly to fit it. Is there anything that can help?

  • Rightclick in explorer, properties->details typically for an image the pixelsize is available there. Also paint like viewers have such information about the images.

  • Using the ImgTag plugin , “Insert image” option
    and after selecting a Gif file saved on the hard disk
    N++ had inserted at the cursor this:

    " <img src=“Arrows.GIF” alt="" width=“78” height=“34” border=“0” />"

  • See, now version 2.0.1 is also available via the Plugin Manager DevList.

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