How to stop Notepad++ from formatting HTML files

  • I have a large file of web addresses which I’d like to load into Notepad++ to correct errors but I’d like the file to retain one link per line so I can sort the file afterwards. Notepad++ is set up for HTML programming and reformats my file into disjointed entries across lines. Is there some way to configure Notepad++ to stop doing that? I don’t want any indents, or split commands, I’d just like it stay as a straight text file.

    I would like:
    <a href=“”>[Reut]</a>

    Instead of:
    href=“”>[Reut]</a> <a
    Is that configureable?

    Thanks for any help.

  • @Bernie-Elsner

    If I understand correctly, I assume that some installed plugin is responsible for this behavior.
    Could this be in your case? Did you install additional plugins?

    In general, if you want to switch off the language dependent actions temporarily, choose
    Normal text from language menu, do the needed action and reselect HTML from the
    language menu.


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