Project View is not Working

  • Hello! I recently discovered the Project View setting in Notepad++ and found it VERY helpful. After 2 weeks of being able to select between 1, 2, or 3 Project Views (Tabbed Views), I am suddenly stuck with just one. It doesn’t matter which view I pick, I only get one (untabbed) project view. The thing I found most helpful was being able to Tab between different projects for reference purposes, and I am now unable to do that. Any suggestions on how to restore the Multi-Tabbed Project View?

  • Here is a visual example of what I am talking about >>

  • Hmmm, might be what I call a bug-with a top hat. They’re rare, and often quit working. So, seeing no response, I’m thinking that might be it. I tried opening it, to test it out; but, can’t find it in the menu. I can only find options for Workspace and Sessions… Is it a plugin?

  • Oh, ok, found where Project are; haven’t used them before, obviously… I’ll try to use it then if I find anything… get back.

  • @Chip-Cooper Thank You! I appreciate you taking the time to look at this. I was using an older version of Notepad++, so I decided to try uninstalling that one and upgrading to the newest version. I can now get TWO Project Tabs! So… that’s progress, I guess… Still can’t get a Third tab when selecting ‘Project Panel 3’ from the ‘View’ menu… Weird.

  • Well, I don’t have the news you hoped for; mine are working perfectly. I’m using 7.5.3, waiting for 7.5.4 to get pushed.
    And, now that I’m using them, they’re great; I love them and can see why it would disturb you.

    Since they can get detached, and moved outside Np++ as an app, I’m presuming they haven’t detached and are behind something; or on a 2nd monitor or something like that? I was able to detach and reattach with no issues. Perhaps the Project config or template file is mucked up? Certainly I would think not, if you hadn’t modified them. I back up the project file, just in case; it’s a fairly simple .xml structure.

    It also took me a while to realize that the tabs were in the bottom part of the window when a single Workspace is open? I see you know that. I did open all three, and check out their persistence, adding some files just to check, and that works too, and comes open when I restart, and when I close that panel, I have to open it, and all my files, folders and workspaces show up. Did you try opening a Workspace first, from the ‘Main Menu/File/Open Folder as Workspace’, and try opening a project with that panel open? I know the project is added as a tab to those, so they’re interconnected. Of course it’s not the very obvious possibility that you’re opening a Workspace, and not a project. (No, I can see you’re not from the picture you posted, where it’s working). Weird. Hope I don’t have that problem ever, let alone any time soon. I commented that I couldn’t find the Project Folder because of its location in the Menu View/Project/Project Panel 1, 2 or 3. Since you can only open 1, can you open 2 or 3 by itself. Or only one, using the Open Folder as Workspace view?

    If all else failed I’d back up (copy) all the files, and then move them back one by one, or in small groups after I uninstalled/reinstalled Np++ to see if that helped. You can try various installs going minimal at first to see if that resolves it, and then expanding to everything for the install until it works. Then try replacing what initialization or configuration files you know have your default in them. I don’t know what if any files store the themes and color schemes that you picked though. Short of a full install which could become tedious in setting back up, that’s all I have to offer.

  • What happens if you open one of the Project Folders, and then try to add a new Project, does that work to make a new tab? If so, you could make sure to save the project as a back up, and restore them that way by adding a project, and then opening a saved project. Maybe a stray cosmic particle corrupted one of the files?

  • @Micah-Rios

    Give it a try to reset the project panel docking settings by

    • closing npp and

    • open config.xml with a different editor
      depending on your configuration you need to edit the file which is located under
      the installation directory or the one under %APPDATA%*\notepad++.

    • delete the 3 lines under DockingManager which look like this

            <PluginDlg pluginName="Notepad++::InternalFunction" id="44083" curr="0" prev="-1" isVisible="yes" />
            <PluginDlg pluginName="Notepad++::InternalFunction" id="44082" curr="1" prev="5" isVisible="yes" />
            <PluginDlg pluginName="Notepad++::InternalFunction" id="44081" curr="3" prev="4" isVisible="yes" />

    Save the file and restart npp - reopen project panels.


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