BUG: Language/Define Your Language Export doesn't save filename as Type

  • In Language/Define Your Language I’ve discovered a bug. If one "export"s a UDL file, the option to select Save as Type: UDL(*.xml) is the default; however, it doesn’t automatically save the suffix .xml to the filename.

    Of course, one could add a suffix to the name; however this isn’t the default operation of the Windows OS that when a type is chosen, the file is saved with the chosen suffix.

    Import does work however… the bug fix for export, could add to the import function Type Any(.) to allow user to import untyped file type… though that would carry it’s own well known issues. User take care!

  • I’d like permission to post this as a Bug report for Notepad++ github as an Issue… I think it’s minor, now that I’m aware; but, a bug it is…

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