Sometimes Notepad++ does not reopen the last opened files after windows restart

  • When windows restarted (closed for several hours), Notepad++ does not reopen the last opened files, everyone knows what the problems?

    Because i do programming using Notepad++, without this features, it will be very annoying every time i need to reopen all the files manually.

  • @on99man-hk

    seems the remember current session for next launch is not checked.
    Available under Settings->Preferences->Backup.


  • It’s always hard to troubleshoot problems like this, not knowing what another user’s computer environment is. However, if the remember current session for next launch is checked, as @Claudia-Frank suggested, find where the configuration files are saved. There are two helpful articles in the Wiki on this: Notepad++ Install Folder and Where are the files?

    Once you find these, write down the path. Then I’d try copying a random text file to that folder, or perhaps creating a uniquely-named folder there. Then the next time you open Notepad++ and it doesn’t open the last session, check that folder and see if the files there are the same ones that were there before. If that text file and/or folder are also missing, you may be on a system that wipes the folder when some criteria is met.

    As a workaround, you can manually save your session (File -> Save Session) to a folder you know will retain its files, then open the session file when you open Notepad++. You can even include that on the command line in your shortcut to Notepad++ if you want.

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