"Find in files..." font size too big

  • Hello, I’m new to the forums.

    I’m having trouble using the “Find in files…” thing. I.e., when you have the “Folder as Workspace” window open, you can right-click on a folder and use “Find in files…”.

    My problem is that the font size is too big on the green text for the folder locations.

    here’s a picture:
    in case the last one doesn’t work:
    http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f18/g8tr1522/npp_font too big_zpsafenpi6r.png

    I put red circles around what I mean. My project is nested deep within my main drive, and all the folder names make it impossible to see my actual project folder names. The red circles are useless folder names to me. The rest of the green text is my actual project.

    So is there a way to reduce the font size? Or maybe get rid of the useless folder names, and have it focus on my project folder?

    Thanks. Hope I provided enough info.
    I must say this is my first ever issue with notepad++. Gotta love it.

  • Well gee, 30 views and no response…

    I just found out where to change the style for that green text. It’s in the Style Configurator. The ‘Language’ should be “Search Result”, and the ‘Style’ is “File Header”.

    Turning off ‘bold’ definitely helps. And I can shrink the font size. But it seems I can’t change the font.

    Does anybody know why this is? Perhaps np++ only uses certain fonts for this ‘Style’?

  • Jeez, this forum app is really finicky.

    The last comment should read “Turning off bold definitely-helps”. But no dash because “definitely helps” then gets removed.

    Also, does anyone know how I can change the title of this post? It shows up as a different title on the results page.

  • @g8tr1522 said:

    Well gee, 30 views and no response…

    Well, gee, maybe nobody has any expertise with your specific problem. :-D
    I know I certainly don’t–I’ve never had complete paths that I couldn’t see in the window such that it bothered me. Use shorter paths? No, no, just kidding…that’s not a valid solution. Maybe use less-annoying screenshot sharing sites…no, no, okay that’s not helpful either.

    So I can change the font on that File Header thing. I can make it downright tiny; so small I can’t really read it:


    Maybe for you one or both of these checkboxes is ticked?:


    That may prevent it from being changeable like you think it should be. Otherwise I’m out of ideas, but at least I replied. :-)

  • Yes, I had that box ticked, and un-ticking it allowed me to change the font. Thanks!

  • Also, didn’t mean to come off as annoyed. It’s just that when I did find my own simple solution, I was surprised no one else gave even a brief recommendation related to it. I was afraid no one would reply at all…

    Also, photobucket was definitely not my first choice to post my pic. I’ll have to find a better site for future posts. I just quickly picked one and hoped that no one would mind.

    Thanks again though.

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