Newbie Question

  • I am an absolute beginner. But got to start somewhere.

    I created this html file and saved it to my drive.

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>Brown Bears</title>

    <h1>The Brown Bear</h1>


    When I used the ‘Run Chrome’ or ‘Run IE’ command I expected to see the heading The Brown Bear on the browser page, but instead I see the all of the html code. What am I missing?

    Thanks so much.

  • @jeffrey-harris

    Well your file probably has a .txt extension rather than an .html extension. If you tell Chrome or IE to open a text file, that’s exactly what it will do. Just a guess as to what is going on because you don’t have the level of detail needed in your question to fully diagnose…

    This really isn’t the place for basic HTML questions, but is really much more for Notepad++ specific questions. You’ll probably have better luck trying to find somewhere HTML-ish to ask further related questions that are likely to come up.

    If it is truly a N++ question then by all means, ask it here, though. Here’s how you can tell the difference: If I posted this here: I used Notepad++ to type up a cookie recipe so that I could print it out. Then I baked the cookies, but they didn’t turn out! Who among the Notepad++ experts here can tell me why? then no one realistically could be expected to help. Now maybe there are some cooks here that are also Notepad++ experts, but really there would be a better place than this to ask baking questions.

  • Yep. That was the problem. Thanks for being a good cook in addition to being a programmer.

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