Newbie Quesiton about Formatting

  • Hello, I am completely new using Notepad++
    When I open a file with extension .int (EDI file)
    I get all the data in one line. How can I get it to break at “~” and go to the next line?

  • If you’re just looking to get it in human-readable format, you can replace the ~ with a new line - just keep in mind that this may break the format of the file. Editing the file in a way that the native software can read it may be much more complicated.

    To replace the ~ with a new line:

    • Open the Replace dialog box, either by pressing Ctrl+H, or from the menu, Search -> Replace
    • In the Find what: field, type the ~ character
    • In the Replace with: field, type \r\n - note that these are backslashes, with the top of the slash pointing to the left
    • In the Search Mode section, select Extended (or Regular Expression; either will work)
    • Click the Replace All button

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