Get "Notepad++ Stopped Working" error after 10-30 minutes

  • Hi,

    Recently I have started getting the indicated popup after a while of working in Notepad++. It typically shows up after 10-30 minutes, but sometimes sooner or later. I haven’t worked out if there is a specific trigger. Interestingly, some functions of the program continue to work (e.g., I can save) even though the popup wants me to restart the program. Also the popup has the chameleon logo, so it is coming from NPP rather than Windows.

    I don’t have admin permissions to the PC and my company has some strict controls in place so there are a lot of things I can’t do (like upgrade to the latest version). I’m hoping that, even with the restrictions we will be able to resolve it.

    NPP version 7.3.3 32 bit. Windows 10 enterprise 64 bit.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Could you access settings -> options -> MISC.-> Enable Notepad++ auto-updater and uncheck it?

  • Thank you for the suggestion. When I looked I saw that setting was already unchecked.

  • Could you add a screenshot of the popup.

  • Hmm. Company doesn’t allow access to FB, etc., so I have to use my mobile to login to the community. I don’t see a way to attach a picture via the mobile interface. I’ll keep looking.

  • @racketteer

    There is some good info here on how to insert pictures (disclaimer, I wrote it), but the short of it is:

    • Upload a pic to Imgur (my current favorite)
    • Use Imgur controls to copy a “markdown” link to your pic
    • Paste that into a posting here, but put a ! in front of it

    So what you’d see as you’re composing a post would look like this:

    …but in the preview-pane on the right you’d see your actual picture (if you’ve done it correctly)

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