Is SciLexer.dll part of Boost Library? and Why adopted?

  • Dear All,

    i am very new to c++. but i very much appreciate the concept of Notepad++ development — use pure Win32 API to keep the performance.

    my question are as below:
    1 doe notepad++ use Boost Library?
    2 the use of Boot library in notepad++ is for simplifying the GUI development ? if yes, can you give me some examples of GUI components referred in Boost by notepad++
    3 what is SciLexer.dll for?

    thanks in advance

  • @Bin-Wang

    1. Yes
    2. No; Boost is used in Notepad++ for its regular expression engine, not any part of its GUI
    3. SciLexer.dll is the (modified) Scintilla project code that is the core of Notepad++'s editing abilities

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