Notepad++ Installation / Admin Rights

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to have my new IT department install Notepad++ on my machine. The question that I was asked on my support ticket is as follows:

    Is Notepad ++ approved for non-admin use on the environment?

    I am not really sure what he is asking. I guess he is asking if NP++ can run without admin rights after it has been installed.

    My machine runs Windows 10 Enterprise.

  • I guess it is. I use it in some machines without Admin rights and it works fine except:

    • You can not update it
    • You cannot install plugins in the default dir (you can check the option to load plugins from the %appdata% dir while installing if you need them)
    • You cannot edit files that require Admin rights (duh!)

    Other than that, you can use it just fine.

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