Issue when opening multiple files

  • Good morning,
    I would like to ask why when opening multiple text files with notepad++, the app does not open them in order. This is quite annoying since I must drag them to sort them each time.
    Thank you in advance to anyone who will provide a solution,

  • @Giulio-Martini

    What is your method for opening the files?

    1. File (menu) -> Open box (or equivalent toolbar button or shortcut)
    2. Drag and Drop from e.g. Windows Explorer
    3. Some other way???

    I find that method 1 will open the files and keep the tabs in the same order as the way I select them in the File Open window. For method 2, well, drag and drop is an OS thing and I don’t think there are any guarantees about the order in which it provides filepath data to the drop target, but I could be wrong about this–at least in my testing the order provided to N++ was NOT the same as selected, or as shown in the Explorer window. In other words, I don’t believe there is any “fix” for the behavior seen with method 2.

  • Ok I think I understood what I did wrong.
    After selecting the desired files, I did right click + edit with notepad++. However, when I right clicked I did not do it on the “first” file. By right clicking on a random file among the selected ones, notepad++ appears to open that file first and then proceeds by opening the following ones in a “circular” way. Actually, this appears to be a Windows thing. Thank you for your help and sorry for the waste of time.

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