How to add custom Style for Batch Code in Style Configurator?

  • Hello, I edited the XML file “stylers.xml” so that the batch section looks like this:

        <LexerType name="batch" desc="Batch" ext="">
            <WordsStyle name="DEFAULT" styleID="0" fgColor="000000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" fontSize="12" />
            <WordsStyle name="COMMENT" styleID="1" fgColor="008000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" fontSize="" />
            <WordsStyle name="KEYWORDS" styleID="2" fgColor="0000FF" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" keywordClass="instre1" />
            <WordsStyle name="LABEL" styleID="3" fgColor="FF0000" bgColor="FFFF80" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" />
            <WordsStyle name="HIDE SYBOL" styleID="4" fgColor="FF00FF" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" fontSize="" />
            <WordsStyle name="COMMAND" styleID="5" fgColor="0080FF" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" fontSize="" />
            <WordsStyle name="VARIABLE" styleID="6" fgColor="FF8000" bgColor="FCFFF0" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" />
            <WordsStyle name="OPERATOR" styleID="7" fgColor="FF0000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" />
    		<WordsStyle name="TEXTS" styleID="8" fgColor="FF0000" bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" />

    The “TEXTS” section is new, and I wanted custom colors for echo. However when I opened the configurator, no new style was there for batch. Any ideas on what I’m missing?

  • Unfortunately you cannot merely just add another line to the LexerType. It doesn’t work that way. These all have very specific meanings within the code and it has no idea what styleId 8 is suppose to be.

  • Okay so StyleID is the type of style not the number? Okay. So now that I know what I can’t do any idea as to what I can do? Heres a pic of what I want:

  • To do what you are wanting would involve alot of code changes to Notepad++ and Scintilla.

  • okay… Oh well. Feels like a pretty obvious feature. Hope it will be in there some day! thanks for your help.