Outline Creation

  • Well I’m sure it’s redundant to everyone reading this, but Notepad++ is just about my only editor. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have also contributed what I can. Still, there is one think that is really missing in my experience. I love Outlines. Back in the old CLI days I had a really awesome outline creation tool that handled all the indenting, numbering, folding, expanding etc. beautifully, but it is long since extinct. Does anyone know of or have plans for creating an outliner plugin for notepad++?

  • I’m not the best to answer; and this isn’t a direct answer to the question. But, I think Np++ does all this pretty naturally, except the folding. And, I think there’s a special code to add in the folding; but, I’m fairly new to ‘a lot’ of the features of Np++; like many I’ve just used what I’ve needed for many years and didn’t go beyond that.
    Perhaps someone who knows more can help with that folding code. It’s not a direct solution; but, if I recall correctly, it’s a workaround till one comes along.

  • Giving this a little more thought… I just realized one might use a UDL (User Defined Language) and just have parentheses to do the folding for you. Menu/Language/User Defined Language. It’s fairly easy to use, won’t do anything; but, a great way to learn a Np++ feature! :-)

    It might make an ugly print; but, a quick search and replace would fix that when done, or temporarily saved as another file.

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