Looking for definitive RegEx reference to learn SciLexer.dll RegEx

  • It appears that functionList.xml uses regex to define function exp, so I’m wanting to step up my study of regex and need a definitive reference source for the coding. I tried google, but I can’t narrow down anything except examples of specific issues.

    I’d like to read the regex code learn the grammar and understand the syntax while I’m reading samples, yes; but, also learn while parsing the functions and *exp in functionList.xml files. Thanks for your consideration, any help is much appreciated!

  • Thank you, I’ve been collecting a lot of snippets from various pages. But, yesterday, I ran across this page which I started reading and studying:
    Is this Wiki page obsolete?
    It didn’t seem like it was, but…

    After seeing the newer page you referenced, it talks about a change in the standard (2 years ago). The Np++ Wiki page (Regular_Expressions) is older (~3+ years) , quite informative; but, the last edit was over 2 years ago. I’d hate to assume it’s obsolete Is it?
    The Wiki page looks like such a good source, and It does look a lot like what I’m seeing in functionList.xml; but, I’m sure there are nuances I’m missing…

  • @Chip-Cooper

    Is this Wiki page obsolete? It didn’t seem like it was, but…

    No not really, it just points to an earlier version of boost regex, v49.
    Currently, afaik, v55 is in place but haven’t done any comparison to see what really changed.
    Probably nothing - just code fixes.


  • Thank you so much for the quick reply! I appreciate that, as I had really started to get into that Wiki page. So, I’ll just go ahead and work on using that information, and see where it leads me. But, snippets are welcome. They’re great samples; Scott, Guy and others do such a great job of explaining what they’ve written.

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