Find & Replace options

  • I’m trying to put this code at certain lines in my program.

    first_program_used =  main_address + r"\first_program_used.txt"

    These lines have slight differences so find & replace won’t work.
    But every single line has this under it.

    file = open(first_program_used)

    So I was wondering if it’s possible to find all lines with “file = open(first_program_used)”
    Go one line up and replace everything there with “first_program_used = main_address + r”\first_program_used.txt""

  • @Kieren-Baillie said:

    with regular expression checked and a look ahead regex in find what like

    (?-s)^.*(?=\Rfile = open\(first_program_used\))

    you should be able to to find the line prior to file = open …

    Note: in replace with you need to escape the \first by \\first so it looks like

    first_program_used =  main_address + r"\\first_program_used.txt"


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