"Style found token" not an option anymore

  • Recently I upgraded from an older version of Notepad++ to the latest version 7.5.4. In the “Find” dialog, tab “Mark”, I no longer see option “Style found token”. In effect, the option is always turned on, i.e. the searched text is always highlighted in reddish color when I hit “Mark All” button.

    I searched in github history and found that string “Style found token” was removed from english.xml in version 6.7.5 about three years ago. Not sure if this was the point when the feature was removed, or it was a just a removal of a leftover UI text and the feature was removed earlier.

    Any chance of reintroducing this option? I sometimes prefer to have this turned off and only use “Bookmark line”, which is now not possible.

    Any response much appreciated.

  • @Chuchulo-Hatyzak

    not sure if it would get reintroduced but a possible workaround might be the following

    1. in settings->style configurator->global styles->find mark style you set
      the background to the same color as your default background.

    2. register an shortcut with one of the
      search->mark all-> using X style

    and press this if you want to have it colored after your search is done.


  • Hi Claudia. Thanks for a fast response. That is indeed a useful circumvention. Still, if it can be reintroduced, it would be great.

    BTW, I found a bug in the new version. What is the official channel to report bugs? Is it this forum?


  • Hi Chuchulo,

    if it is bug it should be reported at github issue tracker and that is also the place where you can ask for
    reimplementation of that feature.


  • Great, thanks.

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