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  • I successfully changed the date created, but can not for the life figure out how to change the date modified. There were two different areas to change the date, so I just changed the date from 23 to 11 in both places. The only thing that has changed, is the create date, in my properties for that particular file. Any suggestions?

  • @Jason-Davies

    Any suggestions?

    Yes, rephrase your question so that it contains more details, like what you do,
    how you try to achieve it and how it is related to npp.
    Just imagine that you try to explain it to someone who is not sitting next to you.


  • Sure Claudia,

    I’m pretty much a file clerk. I take in paperwork and combine them with applications. Making sure that they are all together.

    What happens is the application has an original created date, and kept in an electronic file, to combine other files at a later date.

    I am trying to change the modified date of a pdf file, so it makes it easier for my boss to view all the files close to original created date. When I combine files, it creates a new modified date, and brings it to the top (or bottom of the folder) depending on your view by date, alphabetical order, numbers etc.

    1. So far, with notepad++, I’ve managed to change the created date.

    At the bottom of the file, when I open it up in notepad++, I see two areas where its created the dates. I’ve changed the dates, but the only thing that changes in the properties of that particular file is the created date. I need to change the modifydate, so it will be close to the created date, or right at the created date. I hope this makes sense? Thanks, Jason D



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