Change color/appearance of whitespace characters

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to change the appearance or color of the whitespace characters? When I enable “Show all characters” the editor starts showing whitespace characters which is really useful. However, the CR and LF characters are really really really dominating due to their size and dark background. The entire editor window seems filled with big dark spots and I cant read easily. I have been using this editor for years but I have never been able to get used to these LR and CF representations so I always keep the option off. All my other other editors always have this option turned on.

    thought i would finally ask for a solution here… thanks for any help.


  • @Waqas-Ilyas

    I agree that the CR and LF line-ending markers are “too heavy” to be continually shown. :(
    There really is nothing to be done about it, however, as it is controlled by Notepad++'s Scintilla component, and the Scintilla project has basically ignored the requests of users to “lighten” up on the line-ending markers.

    However, the visible options for real whitespace (tab and space characters), is viable, and the size and color is somewhat controllable.

    Luckily, the whitespace and line-ending visibility can be controlled separately, so at least the half that works well can be enabled without having to have the half that doesn’t work so well.

    [ Note, just my opinions, I’m sure there are people that love the heavy line-endings and hate the visible whitespace stuff! :-D ]

  • I didn’t know we could choose to just show the whitespaces other than EOL characters. Solves half of my problem. Better than nothing.
    “View Menu > Show Symbols > Show Whitespace and TAB”

    Thanks a lot!

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