Bookmark multiple lines.

  • @Claudia-Frank

    I did some poking around…and installed PythonScript (I haven’t used it in years). When I ran some test code, one of the first things I realized is that it is that Scintilla is being redrawn multiple times when using PythonScript. I verified this by catching the SCN_UPDATEUI event in Lua. The LuaScript call generates 1 event, using PythonScript generates numerous events…not always the same amount (normally about 50% of however many bookmarks were added). It probably also generates numerous SCN_MODIFIED events?

    You might try a similar test with PythonScript which doesn’t generate any type of side effect, something simple like SCI_STYLEGETFORE which should be a very fast and simple call.

  • @dail

    thanks for looking into this.
    I will give it a try and let you know.


  • @dail

    Good job, I guess that is the area which needs investigation, yes.
    I tested with synchronous and asynchronous callbacks - result was more or less the same.

    If I
    added markers for 30 lines it report one aditional updateui event,
    adding markers to 290 lines it added 3 additional event
    adding markers to 3800 lines it added 40 additional events

    lua reported only 1 event in all cases, the same is true if using Direct_Function call.


  • Hello, @dail,

    Did you see that post :

    It seems that @vitaliy-dovgan found out a solution, regarding VS2015 and the auto-detection problem, in XP

    So, given that information, may be, after few modifications, we could have the Lua v7.0 and Lua v7.1 plugins working nice on XP platforms ? Just an intuition but I hope so !



  • @guy038

    Unfortunately I’m not sure if that’s the cause of issues with LuaScript running on XP. I know that the plugin itself doesn’t use that type of function call. I’m not sure if the Lua interpreter does underneath…if so it’s probably not something I care to dig into.

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