closed files reopen when notepad++ is opened

  • this is seriously starting to frustrate me to no end.

    if I close a bunch of files, close notepad++ by choosing File/Exit, when I relaunch the program, all the ruddy files are back!!

    the latest update is NOT saving the style selections, despite selecting ‘save & close’

    matters not if I run as admin or normal.

    what gives??

    yes, reopen current session IS checked but it seems bent on reopening every single file I’ve ever opened in Notepad++!!

    Please help!!

  • And what about the setting “enable session snapshot and periodic backup”? If enabled what is the timing for the backup. You could checkout what is written in session.xml. Depending on your installation the relevant one is probably under %APPDATA%\Notepad++.

  • both are checked, backup every 7 seconds in the default path


  • I don’t appear to have a session.xml file.

    is that is what’s causing the problem?

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