HELP: NP++ Portable does not save its settings!

  • Hi,

    • I am using Win7 in an enterprise environment.
    • I have downloaded latest version of NP++ from
    • I installed it to desktop.

    When I open it by using Notepad++Portable.exe, change language (or any other setting), close NP++, reopen it again, language is English again.

    I have no idea why. What I checked so far:

    • Googled for same problem but could not find a solution
    • There is no %APPDATA%\Notepad++ directory
    • There is no %ProgramFiles% or "%ProgramFiles(x86)% directory
    • All dirs/files in NP+±Portable-Apps folder are writable
    • There is no registry entry refering to a NP++ installation
    • No \Notepad++Portable\Data\settings\config.xml is generated
    • Other portable apps have no issue writing their config

    I really have no idea why NP++Portable does not save its setting. But this behaviour is really annoying…

    Any hint/help is very welcome!


  • @Enkidu0815

    sorry but portableapps is doing additional tasks like extracting, copying files
    etc… I assume you might get better help in their forum unless you find some
    users here which do use this package and have already investigated what
    portableapps does under the hood.

    Why not using just a zipped version from official download page?


  • Oh… Tnx. I was not aware that it is so easy. :)
    I downloaded ZIP version and it is working as expected.

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