functions in c++

  • I m trying to run more than one cpp file. this os the problem comes. Kindly suggest
    nidhi@ubuntu:~$ cd Desktop comb
    nidhi@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ g++ -o main.cpp Num.cpp
    g++: error: Num.cpp: No such file or directory
    g++: fatal error: no input files
    compilation terminated.

  • @Nidhi-Devi
    but how exactly do you run it? Run menu? NppExec?
    From your output it looks like you are using the shell and not npp.


  • @Claudia Frank
    from terminal , I trying in ubantu.

  • @Nidhi-Devi

    Ok, so not related to Npp at all I guess.

    The error message is quite clear in your case,

    g++: error: Num.cpp: No such file or directory

    g++ tries to find the file Num.cpp but failed because
    it doesn’t exists, it isn’t in the same directory as your main.cpp,
    isn’t in a directory where PATH variable points to and
    isn’t in a directory where your include statements point to.

    But in general I would think that if you post c/c++ programming questions
    to a dedicated c/c++ programming forum, you might get faster and better answers.
    This forum is mainly about using/working with notepad++


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