Send to COM PORT

  • Is it posible to send the open file in N++ directl to RS232 COM PORT??

  • @Marko-Cvetko

    in general yes but I assume you ask if this is a builtin feature, if so, no there isn’t
    such a function.
    What you normally do in such cases is to use the run menu with an external tool that can be
    executed as program directly or via cmd shell and providing the file as a parameter, like

    python "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"


    cmd /K python "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

    npp replaces automatically $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) with the full path of the
    currently opened (and saved) document.

    In your case it COULD be that this way still works but it either needs to be wrapped
    in a bat file, when using run menu or copy and paste when using NppExec plugin

    mode COM8 BAUD=115200 PARITY=... DATA=...
    copy $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) \\.\COM8

    Note, when using a batch file you cannot use $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) inside the batch
    but something like $1 as far as I remember.


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