A Plug-In that adds "persistent" line numbers to text?

  • Hi, noob here. This is a pretty cool little editor.

    Is there a way to add line numbers to the text? Not the standard NPP line numbering but numbers that remain after you copy/paste the text out (like when you print text).

    Obviously, I want it for programming code so the program’s Error handler can report the line number of the error.

    It would really be cool if you could also specify a beginning number. That way all the code modules of a program would each have unique line numbers. But that is not a have-to-have.

  • NPP can do it natively. Stackoverflow has a solution that allows you to number lines, starting at any number and you can choose how it increments. Basically you do a column selection at the beginning of the lines you want to number, and then choose Edit->Column Editor and use the dialog box to complete the process. It is a pretty neat editor, isn’t it?

  • Indeed, it is a nice editor! I like it!

    Thanks, Cipher-1024, that solved my Line Numbering and Commenting Out Code questions.

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