AHDL UDL - numbers and delimiters with "

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to mak UDL for AHDL (Altera HDL) and I have troubles with strings (“some string”) and hexa-numbers (H"ABC") as both of them use quotation mark. Here is MWE:

    INCLUDE "inputs.inc";

    I want to highlight text (from opening " char to closing " char) by one color and numbers (decimal 123 same as hexa H"123ABC") by another color. So far I’ve set numbers by:

    • Prefix 1:
    • Extras 1: a b c d e f x
    • Suffix 1: "
    • Range: …
    • Prefix 2: B" O" Q" X" H"
    • Extras 2: a b c d e f x
    • Suffix 2: "

    And numbers are working OK. When I now add these settings for delimiter:

    • Open: "
    • Escape:
    • Close: "

    it correctly highlight the text, but it also impact numbers - from the closing " char of the first number source is colored by string color (delimiter color) up to the opening " char of the second number (on the last line of MWE).

    It seems to me, that it suppose a text (aka delimiter) is nested in the number even though I didn’t select this nesting (in number styler I cannot select any nesting). Can anybody please help me how to set this?


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