View/edit two files side by side in a single NP++ instance?

  • Is it possible to work on two files at once - viewing them both side by side? Do I have to have two instances of NP++ open to do this? I have the compare plugin installed. When comparing two files they are side by side and I can edit either or both.

  • Once both files are open in one instance of NPP, right click on the tab/name of the second file and select “move to other view” from the menu. (Equivalently, View > Move/Clone Current Document > Move to Other View)

  • And, if you want them one-over-the-other, right click on the little bar between the views (the one with all the dots on it) and choose one of the Rotate options.

  • OK, I suspected there had to be a way to do this but it wasn’t obvious to me. Thanks for the quick reply.

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