Syntax for characters inside of characters with no spaces

  • Hi all. I work with point files with certain descriptions at the end. I use to have a syntax that would highlight or change the text color of certain codes that would appear in the description column of an ASCII (text) file. the descriptions are usually found in the last column of the data that is seperated by commas, see below:

    341,1636706.8490,645244.5560,51.8700,SW TOB

    When I add the keywords, such as:

    to a keyword group of a defined language, it does not like that the codes are not seperated by spaces (whole words). Is there a way to still have them be recognized by like an * before or after the keyword? Thanks for any help.


  • Bumping this up to see if anyone can help.

    Like I said in previous post, just trying to figure out how to get certain keywords highlighted in my text, even though there is not a space beforehand.


  • @Hunter-Blair

    no, there is no wildcard option, except the prefix mode for keywords.
    From the given example, you could define the comma as an operator
    and a delimiter with open

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    and closing

    ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL)) ((EOL))

    and allow nesting (available through styler button) with keywords1


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