Notepad++ plugin to display message box if a particular word being written is in lowercase

  • I downloaded the c# plugin template to develop a plugin for notepad++.
    But unable to understand the code in it.
    My requirement is to develop plugin which when selected in notepad++ would check the word, if it is in uppercase or not, at run time. If not it should display a message box as warning.
    Can anybody please help me with this?

  • Maybe you want to checkout the mentioned project at as startingpoint. Maybe, also one file is currently missing in the github repo.

  • At which stage are you hanging? Creating a own project from the template? Building a created project, …?

  • Thanks for the reply.
    I am stuck on how to read current word from current file in notepad++ and check the word.

  • @poonam-joshi

    Just a suggestion but it might be easier to “script” your desired functionality with Pythonscript or Luascript that to create it as a full-blown plugin. Or at least prototype it as a script first and see if it functions logically the way you hope…

    What you want to do isn’t all that clear, but from what’s there it seems like it could be scripted in some small amount of lines of code. Perhaps describe it in more detail and further advice can be offered about which way to take it…

  • Thanks for the reply
    Problem Statement:
    In my project, I do shell scripting and use notepad++ to write the script. I need to follow some rules while writing the code. Thus, I want to develop a plugin (which works like a code reviewer) which when selected in notepad++, could automatically check the code(script) at the run time while I am writing the code(script) in notepad++ and display an error message if any rule is not followed.
    For e.g. SELECT word should always be in upper case. So whenever I write SELECT word in small case in notepad++ then an error message should popup.
    Can you please suggest how should I go for it using C# template for plugin development?

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