(partial) path as tab bar text?

  • Is it possible to have part of the path included in the tab bar?

    A little background, so you understand why I’m asking this:
    I’m working on a project where I’ll need to have many files of the same name, but in different directories, open. (This isn’t my project and I don’t get to change this.) For example, I might have open:

    I’d like to be able to tell without having to click on the tab if a particular tab is the “feature.jsp” file in “global\header” or the one in “utilities\most_popular”.

    Poking through preferences didn’t show anything that looked even remotely likely, and searching here didn’t seem to find anything relevant in the first five or six pages, so I thought I’d ask.

    (Some additional google-fu turned up Project Management in Notepad++, which looks kind of okay as a workaround, but I’d still prefer to have “utilities\most_popular\feature.jsp” in the tab bar.)

  • @Andrew-Gilbertson

    Well, you don’t actually “have to click on the tab” to see the path, just hover the mouse. :-)
    Probably not much of a help!

  • That’s what I get for moving too fast! Useful, but not quite the “at a glance” feature I was hoping for! And it’s the whole path, which is actually a lot longer than my examples.

  • @Andrew-Gilbertson said:

    not quite the “at a glance” feature

    Right, for sure, that’s why I said “not much help”.

    There may be some merit in the suggestion (for an option) to show one level of containing folder on the tabs. I like it. +1
    Any more than one level, though, and the tabs probably get so wide they are unwieldy.

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