Running Notepad++ on Mac OSX w/Wine, how can I run Python prgms?

  • I’m learning how to program at the moment and am trying to get Notepad++ configured on my mac.

    I currently have Notepad++ v7.5.4 running through Wine on OS High Sierra

    I’m using Python 3.6.4

    I want to run the programs I write on it through either:

    or the NppExec plugin

    I’m pretty inexperienced with path making so maybe I’m just doing it wrong and this is an easy fix. What do I need to do to make it work?

  • @Abygail-Paseos

    I assume your goal is to see the result of your python scripts immediately.
    If so, then using NppExec plugin seems to be the only reliable way to do if you
    install the python 3.6 msi packages as well.

    You cannot use NppExec (running on windows level) with MacOS Python installation
    and having output shown in NppExec console window.

    There are two main issues here, first wine doesn’t wait for a “native” process end,
    it will return immediately after start and that means you most likely miss the output from the python script.
    Second, pipeing between windows pipes and unix pipes doesn’t really work - I always got strange results.
    The most successful version was to use a tcp server on linux and tcp client on wine (python script plugin).

    So if you want to run your python scripts with your OS python installation you need to call them manually.

    What I do in such a case is to have a proxy script and using clipboard module.
    If script has been written and saved, right-click on tab to save full current path to clipboard,
    switch to the terminal and call the proxy script which basically ready the clipboard and
    executes the file via execfile.


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