Python 3 and Python scripts plugin

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan Thanks! Good work around. There must be somewhere direct access to an unsaved tab, because I can close npp with an unsaved tab and when I reopen, it is there. So the unsaved tab is actually saved somewhere. Curious!

  • @Bill-Winder said:

    So the unsaved tab is actually saved somewhere.

    Yes, saved under a “Backup” folder by default. I just made 5 “new files” and they were created in this folder with the following names:

    new 1@2018-02-19_155611
    new 2@2018-02-19_155613
    new 3@2018-02-19_155613
    new 4@2018-02-19_155615
    new 5@2018-02-19_155618

  • @guy038 Very cool! I just chose fonts at random until things looked right. Useful description, which will serve elsewhere also – same issue in Jedit. (Though I use Jedit less and less - npp has everything I need and is very fast.)

  • @Scott-Sumner and they are numbered! Perfect. Which essentially solves my problem.

    I hope! There is one further step. I will have to capture the name of the active tab and give it to NPPEXec.

    But that should be possible through the sci_sendmessage function (will look into that), since this is possible:

    set local selStart = $(MSG_RESULT)

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