Folder within folder for html code and saving projects

  • Super new to coding, and while I’m no network engineer, im decent at general computer operations, but am having a hard time creating a desktop folder with subfolders. I use one to obviously see code text on a webpage, but also need to save projects and images. I go Save as, and when I go to create sub folder I cant, seems that it won’t let me open it up or even create a new folder. Am I in a wrong default app? I can see text on webpage but not able to save anything. I use Windows 10 and since an update I’ve had a hell of a time doing this. I had to reinstall notepad++ and might again to see if that helps. I know this is something stupid that I’m overlooking. So please be kind, or rip me a new one. I don’t care, just wanna continue learning to code.

    Thanks for any help to a newbie

  • Hi Gerry. It’s difficult to tell what the issue/goal is from your description, but here’s what I suggest. Determine if you can create the folder structure you want with File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer). Can you navigate between the folders you want to use? If you can’t do those things, you may have a permission issue that was triggered by the update and you have bigger issues than N++. At that point you’ll want to find a generic Windows forum to help you troubleshoot the problem.

    If you’re only having problems with N++, come back and let us know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. "I go Save as, and when I go to create sub folder I cant " isn’t really a lot to go on. How are you creating the sub folder (right click-> New -> Folder in the Save-as dialog box?). What does it do when it “doesn’t let you”.

    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is a really long read, but it teaches you some pretty good troubleshooting techniques and it will help prevent you from being eaten alive on forums less friendly than this one ;)

    Good Luck