Plugin Menu Bar Entry

  • I am new to Plugin development in Notepad++ using C++. I would like to add a new menu bar entry (not toolbar) to the top of the screen. A plugin that also did that is TextFX, so it must be possible. Currently all of my commands are under Plugins>MyPluginName>*. Is there any way to move them to MyPluginName>* directly?

  • @jonaskohl

    It has been discussed here before how TextFX creating its own menu bar entry just causes confusion–people forget it is a plugin after a while and then start reporting bugs about it as if it is a standard part of Notepad++…so, given that are you really sure you want to do what you are asking? Sure, if it is just for yourself it is fine…

    So you basically have provided the answer yourself: Google and grab the source code for TextFX and see how it does it. :-)

  • I’ve already tried to look into TextFX’s source code, but I don’t really understand it. As I said, I’m fairly new to Notepad++ plugin development and the structure of TextFX’s source code is quite different to mine (which uses Notepad++'s C++ plugin template).

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