Best way to contribute?

  • Hello i am a junior developer who seeks to expand my knowledge and skill, and in the same time contribute to something i used for so many years. After allot of tears and hardships i finally successfully got my environment up and running, and now i been looking for things to do. I looked over at the github page about current issues, but i can’t find things that is actually approved to be solved. Things that are marked open has comments where they say we should close this, or that it was never a problem.
    So my question is where can i be most of use, what needs to be addressed. And is any issue or feature request ups for grabs, or is there a special section for approved featured to be developed?
    I seek to learn good coding habits, and gain more experience to navigate new code bases.

  • @proeng

    first step - read

    next step - take an easy issue like let’s say #4165 and do the needed code changes.
    Test, test and maybe test again if it does fix the problem. If you are convinced it is solved,
    test it again.

    Create the pull request and hope you did all you should have done ;-) (avoid magic numbers!! :-D )


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