Utilizing other plugins within a plugin

  • Hello,

    I am extremely new to Notepad++ plugins, but really want something for effective copy-pasting. Essentially:

    1. User highlights text
    2. User executes plugin (or macro if this could do the job)
    3. Plugin/macro changes style to ‘default’
    4. Plugin/macro copies HTML format to clipboard using NppExport (or some similar utility)
    5. Plugin/macro changes style back to previous style

    This would allow you to copy formatted text while using a dark background, but paste in a much more friendly format for printing.

    Does anyone think this is a doable project for someone who knows how to code in C++, Java, etc. but hasn’t touched plugin creation? If so, are there any example plugins that would be good to look at so I can get an idea of what to do?

    Thanks in advance!