How to use?

  • Can you guys be more specific on how to use this? Following the instructions on Make your plugin in less 10 minutes didn’t do me any good.

    • I’ve downloaded into Downloads folder on Windows 8.1 64-bit. Then unzipped it there.
    • Found the file named NppPluginTemplate.vcxproj in the folder vs.proj and opened it (double-click or Open with -> Visual Studio) with Visual Studio Community 2017. Now all I see it just an XML file opened in the VS.

    I don’t see Solution Explorer or Properties window. Am I supposed to do the mentioned changes inside the VS?

    • If so, I don’t see the mentioned files listed in the VS window. How do I do it?
    • If not, let’s say I’ve done the changes using a text editor. How do I compile it? I need to compile, right?

    Someone, please, enlighten me. And prefably, do it step by step.

  • I’ve also downloaded and put it at
    C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#, but it didn’t work. Is it not compatible with VS Community?

  • See, latest template is 3.1. You have to load the vcxproj file as VS C++ project. In this case a VS project should show up and not just the underlying xml of the vcxproj file.

    For a plugin in C# see

  • Oh, I feel silly now. I did not have C++ installed, only C#. Gonna install C++ and try it again.

    I have also visited the C# Plugin page you linked and downloaded the latest release ( and again put it in the Templates folder. I don’t see the Notepad++ Plugin listed in the Templates when creating a new project. Either the plugin isn’t compatible with the latest VSC or my OS/VS installation is faulty.

    So, can someone with the (latest) version of VS Community 2017 (15.2, 26430.15) verify that the C# plugin works with this version?

  • This is weird (or not). I’ve just installed C++ and now the C# Plugin showed up in the New Project window.

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