Can we have Ctrl + Shift + R (Open Resource..) equivalent for Notepad++?

  • Generally, I open more than 50 to 60 files in Notepad++

    Sorting it alphabetically is not something I can use because the files are open in a certain flow and order.

    To scroll and find a specific file is a pain sometimes. Can we have a feature wherein we can have a popup text input or a search bar on the top right where we can type the name of the already open file and jump to that tab?

    Please consider!


  • Hello, @aman-s-aneja, and All,

    There an excellent plugin , created by @young-developer, which does exactly what you wish to :-))

    Just read the section at :

    Then, download the latest release v1.12.3 ( both in x32 or X64 versions ) from :

    Indeed, as Young-developer says, even with more than 50 files, simultaneously opened, you do NOT need, anymore, to have the Preferences > General > Tab Bar > multi-lines option set !

    Once, this plugin installed and N++ restarted :

    • Hit the Ctrl + , ( comma ) shortcut to launch it

    • Type in some chars, part of the filename, which you want to open in N++

    • Then double-click on the right one, from the short list which occurs

    Et voilà !

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    Oh ! Seemingly, there a small bug with the latest v1.12.3 version ! It does not list the very first tab of current N++ session !

    I just tested the v1.12.2 version. Worked just fine, without any crash !

  • Hello @guy038,

    That is excellent. I tried your suggestion and it works perfectly.

    Thanks a ton!

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