Np++ hangs trying to show file open dialog

  • This has been an ongoing problem, not just with Np++ but my own C# applications and (less frequently) MS Word and Excel. I’ll click something that should bring up a File Open dialog, and the application hangs with the spinning wheel. Particularly annoying is the “l’ll go find the problem” dialog MS puts up when I shut down the program. In perhaps hundreds of such promises, it has never ever found anything.

    Just now, this happened again (in np++). I tried to open a file, it hung. I killed it, re-opened it, clicked here and there to try to change the state, and click Open. Hang. Repeat. And now, after perhaps 15 tries, it’s working again. I think 15 is a record.

    And I think the problem is with MS (Np 7.5.4 32bit, Win 10 64 bit Version 1709, build 16299.248, you’d think this would be fixed by now). But I have gotten nothing out of ms.

    Does anyone have an idea??

    One absurd “fix” suggestion had to do with setting a “help” option to T before showing the dialog, and to my astonishment, that seemed to be effective. It inevitably seems to pop up again though, and in apps that I cannot change. (The “fix” suggestion was years old, but it still seemed to work.)

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