When I reopen Notepad++ then it should display all files.

  • when I close and reopen Notepad++ then it should display my all files that were open before closing Notepad++.

    My “Remember my current launch” setting is checked but still I am not able to open my view my last files.

  • I got the same issue, I suspect it was caused by the compare plugin that I forgot to close when quitting this time around. Tried restoring all recently opened files, but it didn’t recover any of the unsaved ones (that had previously worked just fine), and just opened a measly four. :(
    With previously having 96 tabs open, that hurts.
    (Hadn’t manually saved any sessions either, as the previous workflow had worked just fine for years.)

  • Apparently there’s a handy path where there’s a chance to find the unsaved ones in Settings > Backup > Backup path

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