Line spacing issue - File compare problem

  • Hello all,

    Here is the situation. About 2 years ago an engineer at my company sent some c code to a European county that required access to the source code for a product we manufacture to meet their regulatory requirements, so we can sell them our product. Since then, the requirements have changed. They now wan’t to compare the original source code that we sent them, to what is actually in our product.

    The problem is, what we sent them was a PDF, printed to a file using Acrobat 8 pro print driver, from Notepad ++ 7.3.3, and we cannot seem to duplicate the output from any other computer other then the engineer who originally printed it to a file, and we need our European tech to be able to do this on site at the countries facility.

    The core of the issue seems to be line spacing. We cannot determine if this issue is with different versions of adobe, or N++.

    To conduct a test, I installed the exact version of N++ on a laptop and we printed the C code directly to a printer from both computers. The original computer prints perfectly and matches the original pdf. However, the new computer printed with wider spacing between the lines. To make sure everything was equal, I even copied the entire Notepad ++ folder from Program Files(x86) (from the original computer) to the new computer (after the install), to make sure all the configs were the same.

    We get the same problem whether we are printing to PDF or directly to paper. Any ideas folk? this is driving me crazy!

    Thanks, Wayne

  • It seems like you eliminated NPP from the suspect pool when you copied the installation from one machine to another. I would start looking at the pdf printer driver settings, the printer defaults, printer preferences, and the localization settings on each computer.

    Good Luck

  • If the installation of NPP was not set to local configuration (ie, if it was installed normally), then you will also need to copy the %AppData%\Notepad++ directory (*) from one machine to the other, because that’s where the actually-used configuration files are stored.
    (To check whether an installation is local or not, you could access the NPP menus: ? > Debug Info and it will say “Local Conf mode: OFF” if the config files are in %AppData%\Notepad++, or “Local Conf mode: ON” if the config files are in C:\program files(x86)\Notepad++.)

    (*Clarification: %AppData%\Notepad++ expands to c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++ on most installations; if you type or paste that windows %-variable notation into the Windows Explorer location bar, it will navigate to the correct place.)

  • Peter Jones - YOU ARE THE MAN! That fixed my problem. YOU ROCK!

  • Hey all… While I got this to work in the lab, on the production laptop (in the UK), have been unable to to get it right. Any ideas? It all looks like a line space issue to me, but I have been unable to track it down.

    What’s the same:
    Same version of Notepad ++ 32 bit
    Config files are all the same

    What’s different:
    The UK computer is Win 10 (I tested a win 10 computer with UK settings, in my lab and it works fine)

    I’m not sure where to go from here. Everything being equal, My output from my UK computer should match the original document. It just doesn’t…

  • Ok all. Discovered that the Adobe Pro print driver was defaulting to A4 instead of letter, like it does here in the us. so… That’s fixed…

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