New major update of localization file (for Notepad++ v7.5.5)

  • @donho
    Hi Don,

    Thanks for new translation base file!
    Some comments:

    1. The right click menu in Shortcut Mapper is not yet available. This 3 items:

    2. FindInFinder section translation is not picked by program (version 7.5.5). Below section , even if translated, but appears still in English:

           <FindInFinder title="Find in finder">
               <Item id="1"    name="Find All"/>
               <Item id="2"    name="Close"/>
               <Item id="1711" name="Find what:"/>
               <Item id="1713" name="Search only in found lines"/>
               <Item id="1714" name="Match &amp;whole word only"/>
               <Item id="1715" name="Match &amp;case"/>
               <Item id="1716" name="Search mode"/>
               <Item id="1717" name="Normal"/>
               <Item id="1719" name="Regular &amp;expression"/>
               <Item id="1718" name="Extended (\n, \r, \t, \0, \x...)"/>
               <Item id="1720" name="&amp;. matches newline"/>
    3. Where below section is appearing in program?

           <ColumnName name="Name"/>
           <ColumnPath name="Path"/>
           <ColumnType name="Type"/>
    4. The Incremental Search Window would be nice to be translatable too. It’s still not translatable.

  • Hello @batagy,

    To my mind, the section, below, is related to the column headers of the windows Window > Windows… menu option, at bottom of the main Window menu

         <ColumnName name="Name"/>
         <ColumnPath name="Path"/>
         <ColumnType name="Type"/>



  • Thanks!

    Version 7.5.6 corrected issue 2) above.
    So 2) and 3) are OK now.

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