Moving mouse pointer over a tab unintentionally tries to rearrange tab

  • When I am finished typing/editing in Notepad++, I move my mouse pointer over to a different program (e.g., File Explorer), and the cursor path crosses over a tab, that tab often goes into move mode.

    My move mode I mean it is the exact same thing as if I pointed at a tab, clicked on it, and tried to move it on purpose. The file icon attaches to the mouse pointer and I can either rearrange the tab order or create a new window.

    I have 9 tabs open on a single row. I made sure none of my Ctrl,Alt,Shift keys are not stuck. I am not clicking on the tab, I restarted Notepad++, and I cannot reproduce it intentionally. It’s driving me crazy. I have to make sure that I give a wide berth to tabs when I move my mouse around.

  • To be clear, I am not wanting to move the tab when this happens, I am just trying to go to the Explorer window to execute the batch file I just edited.

    The only thing I have that is out of the ordinary in my setup is that my two monitors are stacked, one on above the other; N++ being on the bottom monitor full screen, and the Explorer window is on the upper. Maybe N++ is just not designed for that setup?

  • @Eamon-Holmes

    Hard to say - I never encountered this on my setups and if you can’t reproduce it as well …
    Which npp version do you use? (debug-info from ? menu)
    Btw. why don’t you execute the script from within npp? (run menu)


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