CFG file unreadable - gibberish

  • so im trying to check a games files to see if i can remove mouse acceleration. but i cant get the files to show in english, its all weird symbols and characters like a glitch or something. im a total noob about this kind of stuff. is it possible to get the text to show in english?

    the game is a chinese game.
    here is a screenshot of what i mean. i opened the other files but they are all the same.
    if this isnt the right place to ask for help about this. can you guide me to where i can get help?

  • @Ulas-Yalcin

    Notepad++ is a text editor. Your file is a binary file, and as such isn’t really suited to being edited by a text editor. If you must edit it, and to do so you very likely have to have very specific knowledge about its constructs, you should probably do so with what is known as a hex editor. In other words, there is no “English equivalent”.

  • @Scott-Sumner ahh i see. that sucks T_T